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How and where to get the codes to redeem the new durried accessory in fortnite

2017 (MMXVII) was a common year started on Sunday according to the Gregorian calendar of the 2010 years. The UN (Organization of the United Nations) declared this year as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, with the intention of promoting this economic activity by creating awareness of the importance of promoting it and performing it responsibly.

Epic Games has begun an interesting promotion with which you can get a series of cosmetics totally free by buying a series of licensed physical items at certain stores from several countries, and we tell you exactly how this promotion works for you to take directly the accessory Backpacking durried.

It should be clarified that thanks to this promotion you will get totally free the Backpacker Accessory El Durrarrarrarrarrar, which will later be available in the store for your purchase, so if you can not take it for free, you can buy it later.

If you are to acquire official Fortnite physical products you will take this new backpacking accessory very easy that the truth that you look great, and that you can try before your friends.

codes to exchange the new accessory durried in fortnite

Date of promotion

The promotion will begin on November 1 and will be available until January 15, 2022, although the codes will be valid until January 15, 2023.

What do you have to do to favor the promotion

Simply what you should do is buy an official physical Fortnite product that has an official license as the pelevant cards or the pack of legends of mint, in the stores enabled in the promotion. For you to recognize it, all items with official license have the label Licensed official product, less the sale of turkeys.

When you buy these physical items in the stores that we are going to mention, the codes to unlock this backpacking accessory will appear on the receipts since November 1, this year until January 15, 2022.

stores that participate in the promotion

Arrocha: Panama
Best Buy: United States
Big Bang: Slovenia
BT Games: South Africa
Carrefour: Spain
CRG Toys: Costa Rica
CVS®: United States (not valid at Pharmacies CVS Pharmacy® Target stores)
Don Quijote: Japan
EB Games: Australia, New Zealand
EB Games / Gamestop: Canada
El Corte Inglés: Spain
Empik: Poland
FNAC: Spain
Game: Spain, United Kingdom
Game Mania: Belgium, Netherlands
Game4u: South Africa
Gamers: Japan
Games: Serbia
Gamestop: Germany, Ireland, Italy, United States
Geek Nation: Baréin, Kuwait, Oman, Tasting, United Arab Emirates
Geekay Group: Baréin, Kuwait, Oman, Tasting, United Arab Emirates
Igabiba: Slovenia
JB HI FI: Australia
Kiddyland: Japan
Konzolvil: Hungary
Marui: Japan
Micro Romania: France
Mighty Ape: New Zealand
Mode: South Africa
Ozone: Bulgaria
Public: Greece
River: Brazil
Smartoys: Belgium, Netherlands
Stephanis: Cyprus
Takealot: South Africa
Tsutaya: Japan
Villange Vanguard: Japan
Worte: Portugal
Toys R US: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Slovenia, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates
Znage: Slovenia

How to redeem the code

Once you have the code in the purchase receipt you will have to access the next official reclaim of rewards and enter it when you have entered your Fortnite account.

It should be noted that all the backpacking accessory codes will only appear on the receipts of the physical items. You must be aware that if you buy online, Fortnite packets are going to be sold only on digital, and would not enter the promotion, so that you have it into account.

REDEEM THE FREE SKIN CODES in Fortnite! New Free Reward Code

And if you are a usual fortnite, maybe you are interested reading other items in hobby consoles: so are the fortnite season 8 skins in detail, so it has been the final event of fortnite season 7, or trailer of the pass Battle of Fortnite Season 8. Also look where to find all the exotic weapons and codes of the squid game for Fortnite maps.

Likewise, all the missions of perforated cards of the first, second, third week, fourth week, fifth week and sixth week.

American Football NFL Roof of Saints

The roof of the home of New Orleans Saints has caught fire on Tuesday. A man was injured according to US media and came to the hospital with mild burns. The cause of the fire was obviously a high-pressure cleaner, which was raised in flames. The roof of the Superdomes in New Orleans should be cleaned before an upcoming new paint. The damage worked on photos manageable. The operators do not assume that the home game of the Saints in the NFL against the New York Giants is impaired by the fire. Doctors of Hurricane IDA had the Saints had held their first season game against the Green Bay Packers in Jacksonville.

Pokemon Legends Arceus cute new Pokemon was substantiated of spite and fires pure hatred

Pokemon Legends Arceus has debuted a brand-new trailer formally introducing the brand-new Hisuian forms of Zorua and also Zoroark, as well as their backstories are surprisingly heartbreaking for a Pokemon game.

You can have a look at the gameplay trailer above, which displays the new Pokemon s strikes, yet it s in the authorities composed lore that you discover the dark background behind these deceptively charming critters.

As an example, Hisuian Zorua is a Normal/Ghost-type classified as a Spiteful Fox Pokemon, as well as lord it s simple to see why. According to PokeLore, these Zorua were pushed into the Hisui region by people fearful of their capacity to task illusions external. After that, the Zorua died, presumably because of the ruthless environment, as well as their sticking around souls were born-again via their large hatred of people.

Hisuian Zorua s advanced form, Zoroark, is a Baneful Fox Pokemon. It s explained as ferociously aggressive as well as hostile toward people and also various other Pokemon, and it has the ability to carry its fierceness into a truthfully horrible assault.

The spiteful power produced from Hisuian Zoroark s lengthy, twisting fur tasks scary illusions – and can also bring upon physical damage upon adversaries, harming their bodies from both inside and also out. And also the illusions that Zoroark projects have expressions of such utter malignance towards every last thing upon this world that those who see them are stated to be driven crazy by the terror.

So, lengthy tale short, as alluring as it may be to go with a cheeky little animal, it s best to value these Pokemon from a risk-free range. Or, when you prepare, beat em in fight and capture em so they get on your side.

Kotick about the abuses at Activision Blizzard Here take my salary

Since July 2021 clashes between various federal agencies of the State of California and the United States, investors from Activision Blizzard and the employees of the company smolder to himself. Every now and then one gets from a business point of having a small outbreak. Like when employees go on strike if workers are laid off, or when company faces like Fran Townsend talk about how many employees at Activision Blizzard had to go or in which case those were booked with an intolerable behavior only.

The Bobby has its say

Officially now, let October 28, 2021 sometimes Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick heard from, and within the framework of a letter to the staff, which was then immediately also made public. Kotick in writing on the basis of studies of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on what actions are taken to date in the company to become an industry leader for outstanding performances in the workplace.

Yes, this is a pretentious goal. And yes, Activision Blizzard has actually not just a lawsuit or had the neck on the neck, because the EEOC is now theoretically with.

Bobby Kotick On MINIMUM Wage! Activision-Blizzard's Force To Action

Five new initiatives

Kotick and his leadership team agree that much needs to be done to make Activision Blizzard s dream job. He mentions five specific initiatives that are carried out in the coming months. All details can be found in the original post from Kotick, but here the important keywords, so that you may form an opinion can.

  1. We carry the enterprise a new zero-tolerance policy against harassment a
  2. We will increase the proportion of women and non-binary people in our workforce by 50% and 250 million US dollars to invest to improve the opportunities for diverse talents
  3. Based on feedback from employees, we waive the mandatory arbitration of complaints of sexual harassment and discrimination.
  4. We will continue to raise the profile of pay equity.

  1. We will report regularly on our progress.

An interesting note Kotick refers to Item 4, because: Our analysis in the US found that women will earn the company in 2020, on average, slightly more than men for similar jobs, said Kotick. Whether the credit is generally meet, whether for men or women, which is of course another matter.

Shut up and take my money ?

And since we re on the subject of money, yet the message comes from Kotick, perhaps encouraging the odd smile. Here again, the entire section translated by DeepL.

And finally, I want to ensure that every available resource is used to be the industry leader in terms of job quality. Accordingly, I have asked our Board to reduce my total compensation, has found to the Board that we described the gender transformation objectives and other top have achieved commitments. Specifically, I have asked the Board to reduce my salary to the lowest amount permitted by California law for salaried employees, ie this year to 62,500 US dollars. this is a reduction of my total compensation, not only of my salary. I ask not to receive bonuses at this time or to be involved in the profits.

Look, look, the Kommissar s in town. Kotick s compensation for his position as CEO of the Mega Group in the past was often subject. As early as April 2021 Kotick was to halve his salary, of 1.75 million US dollars to only 875,000 US dollars – but including bonuses – plotted and he agreed. His base salary would thus already rather counted among the bottom 25 percent of earners the on comparable items. And now you go so again down.

Perhaps adjusts the at or another even today a the view of the ratio of content to maintenance costs question is still:. If really all that weggesparte of Kotick money used in the enterprise, to promote inclusion, transparency and equal treatment? And how long will it then take to Kotick be old content reclaims?

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Our strikers From the giraffe to the CR7

Football Manager is the commercial name with which it is known to the continuation of the Championship Manager saga, which includes a series of video games of football management, in which the player acts as a manager of a soccer team. This saga is developed by Sports Interactive, which begins to use the name Football Manager in 2004, compared to the impossibility of continuing using the original name. Football Manager 2021 is the last game of the series, went on sale on November 24, 2020, for PC, Mac, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S
In the United States and Canada, this series was sold under the name of Worldwide Soccer Manager, as well as Sega Saturn and Dreamcast versions. Those games were published by Sega, which by the way, currently publishes PC games, instead of Eidos Interactive, which publishes Championship Manager (initially also of Sports Interactive) after the division of the two companies in 2003.

The giraffe

At football you get high when you play flat. My ones who have no idea. Because this birch of a striker has a better goalquot than you, magic foot! Well, he s not as beautiful as the CR7 double, not as fast as the rocket, not as massive as the balancing bump, but he can never learn what the others have never learned: since Him his e-youth coach always the dry stone ( He called it ball), has thrown, he nods everything away, which does not fly with four over the treetops. Even then, he, three heads higher than the other ten-year-old, gives 100 goals in the season. In the meantime, in the forehead, he has more touch sensors as a blind nude mull in his wrinkled visage.

This Lulatsch has no reason to play because it would just be nonsense to demand from him, where the air will be thin, still to think of others. Especially since his team interprets him as a target player, for which extra had brought a long from football, which always welds the leather to Field Goal altitude in the opposing penalty area. That s not always nice, but effective. But that the Giraffe is now always forgetting its football boots at home, only ridden more main roles and puzzles what comes after 4: 0 is to cope. For a headache, aspirin (and all other equal active medicines are equally high-quality supplier).

The CR7 double

Football is a team sport. My ones who have no idea. Because the CR7-Double studied modern football and sequenced his DNA. Are there any people left outside, the beliefs, the Benders and Bellinghausen of this world would have some charm against the Cristianos of this world? So. While the real role model actually can actually be (dribbling, shooting, race, jumping, fit, instinct, wearing colorful shoes, paying a lot of money for fresh hairstyles), also approaches the CR7-double, celebrating in some categories (colorful Wear shoes, pay a lot of money for fresh hairstyles) also amazing achievements.

This beautiful person has no reason to play, he looks at YouTube, that it is best if you make the gates yourself. Because that brings followers to Instagram and profile clicks on the local amateur football portal. He has filmed in the garden itself and now masters all the moves that visually produce something; If a shot fails in the net, he feels deep inside the confirmation that his way is the right one. Otherwise, he secretly doubts, he drives himself everywhere on the field around, where no disturbing opponent is lunging between him and the photographer lens. Because he can escalate it, then stubborn mad and replaced himself, his teammates have long left to leave any free kick. He has done in the last 500 experiments at least that the goalkeeper was powerless; At that time he had stepped into the ground and floated under the wall. That was not an intention, but was already forgotten after the Siiiiuuuu jump stood.

The nerve bundle

The football is important above all what you can. My ones who have no idea. Because the nerve bundle can do everything. It is fast, tricky, game intelligent, and it is usually quite young. At the team election in training, it is one of those who never have to stand so long until it gets uncomfortable (and it is no later than three unpleasant, do nothing before!). On Mondays to Saturday it is good, but Sundays it will be from the time of meeting point on by minute to minute quieter. If it touches the jersey over, a blich has long since become a blessing of a cheerful dolphin.

This head of head has no reason to play, but invents: He made a stupid step, he says hobbling; There is a fly in the eye, he says tearing; The teammate is better, he says, alone in front of the keeper a 50-meter flightback back to his own half hunting. Everything brings him from the concept: dog bavings, female girs, daisies. The fear has long since realized: since he has shot over the gate in the C youth, and all laughed, the nerve lanes between foot and the brain are blocked in point games. That s what happens for many years. No one laughs long more. Until the coach takes to the end of his career, put his arm on his shoulder and says, Maybe you re just not a striker…

CoD Vanguard Patch Notes Reveal Improvements From Beta And Also New Reward

Call of Task: Vanguard releases on November 5, but programmer Sledgehammer Games has actually already revealed spot notes with the most up to date adjustments from the beta. Players can anticipate the launch variation of Vanguard to get here with boosted audio, smoother gameplay, as well as also a brand-new perk.

Sledgehammer Games states the goal for Vanguard s beta was to offer players a faster as well as smoother gameplay experience at launch. To achieve this, the developer decreased tool swap/pickup animation speeds as well as increased and also re-balanced the sprint out times.

Furthermore, a new perk is being contributed to Vanguard at launch, with the traditional Ninja perk that supplies gamers with silent footprints in all times. Ninja wouldn t have been a popular perk in the beta, as the footstep sound was very pale, but Sledgehammer Games defines big modifications have actually been made to Vanguard s audio mix, including increased step sounds, decreased announcer regularity, and also more.

The patch notes likewise attend to a few of the aesthetic issues from the beta, including the distortion impacts being eliminated from the muzzle flash, and also a decrease of smoke that s released when firing a tool. The overly brilliant lens flare was also minimized.

Gamers can likewise anticipate renovations to the performance of Vanguard throughout all platforms. Vanguard s alpha and also betas were a harsh experience for some gamers on older consoles like the PlayStation 4. These efficiency renovations consist of fixed problems causing pixelation, lighting concerns, and graphical corruption during the beta.

The complete spot notes can be located below, as shared by Sledgehammer Games.

Huge Changes from Beta to Launch! | (Did SHG Save Vanguard?!)

In addition, right here are all the details announced on October 28 for Vanguard s post-launch material as well as the brand-new Warzone Pacific Caldera map.

Call of Task: Vanguard launches on November 5 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and also computer. The brand-new game will certainly release as Activision Blizzard faces a legal action from the state of The golden state over claimed harassment and also discrimination versus females.


Distortion impacts were eliminated from muzzle flash as well as we minimized smoke emitted when firing a tool.
Finished a pass on muzzle flash placement/coverage when aiming down sights.
VFX Environment ambient placement for much better sightlines.
Eliminated the droplets of water that obtain all up in your face when it rains.
Different pests have actually been fixed including a bug where specific optics would certainly stop adversary as well as pleasant HUD symbols from presenting while ADS.
We ve taken care of instances of nametags appearing through Destruction.
Lens flare reduced across all maps (we nerfed the sun).
We will certainly remain to improve VFX, Lighting, as well as UI right into launch and display player comments surrounding the numerous subjects of exposure.


Sound got a total blending as well as content overhaul to address area comments from the general public Beta, consisting of even more audible footsteps, player as well as non-player tools, as well as map environment content.
Footprints are silent when players ADS, Crouch Stroll, or have a Perk/ Field Upgrade furnished which silences movement.
Repaired a pest that triggered shots after the very first shot to be too quiet.
Operator repartees occur much less frequently.
Asked Butcher to relax. VO lines are much less constant.


A bug leading to uncertain spawns in Patrol has actually been fixed also basic adjusting of spawn reasoning internationally.
We will continue to refine generate logic over time to improve generates in suits with greater player matters.


Explosives and incendiaries no longer slow motion speed of players.
A cap has been put on max reductions impacts.
Modifications have actually been made to animation times consisting of weapon swap rates as well as tossing of devices (ie: Gammon bombs can be thrown quicker).
Sprint out times have been sped up and re-balanced.
Dev Suggestion: Dauntless, a perk that gamers didn t have accessibility to in Beta, makes gamers unsusceptible to motion lowering impacts.


Shotgun lethality has been boosted.
Reliable Series Of many Shotguns, SMGs, as well as Guns have been lowered (SMGs and Pistols were overperforming at array and also Shotguns were changed down because of enhanced lethality overall).
Hipfire spread has been readjusted on the majority of guns (primarily to include more consistency throughout tool groups).
Tradeoffs on barrels, magazines, as well as supplies have been reduced.
Ammo kinds were rebalanced to consist of even more tradeoffs.
Squashed pests influencing Weapon Progression and Thorough Stats.
Dev Tip: Vanguard s version of the smoke grenade functions in a different way than previous games. You re totally hidden from remote adversaries, however can be seen at closer arrays permitting you to close the range between you as well as the enemy and quest them down with close-quarter battle constructs.
Dev Suggestion: Attempt setting your place options to utilize ADS instead of ADS+M elee. It s except everyone yet it s a powerful method to come to be extra accurate in a split second while staying out of injury s way. It can be incorporated with blind fire for some terrific results.

Killstreaks and Field Upgrades.

Pleasant Spy Planes and Counter Spy Planes will no more show up overhead.
Spy Planes as well as Counter Spy Planes relocate slower as well as are less complicated to strike.
Counter Spy Planes have a shorter period.
Health and wellness has been reduced on Spy Planes, Counter Spy Planes, and many positioned Area Upgrades.
Fatality Device as well as Battle Device have exchanged costs.
Glide bomb is easier to control.
A max timer has actually been included in the Radar Jammer and Area Mic Area Upgrades.
Pests causing visual corruption of the Attack Dogs have been fixed– say goodbye to Dognados:-LRB-.


Reduced Profile has been gotten rid of and also replaced with Ninja.

Detective Adventure Game Backbone is officially launched on consoles

Next Level Games Inc is a study developer video game based in Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada). His first project was NHL Hitz Pro published by Midway Games in 2003, since then he has developed more than a dozen titles. Next Level Games is best known for its work with Nintendo in acclaimed titles as the Super Mario Strikers or Luigi s Mansion series 2. In January 2014, the Canadian study announced that it will work exclusively for Nintendo, although they will continue to be an independent study. To On January 5, 2021, the study was composed entirely by Nintendo announcing a press release.

Backbone Console Trailer

Egggnut is a Canadian video game studio with members around the world that are interested in creating interactive experiences using the complexity of human interaction. Raw Fury is an independent video game publisher founded in 2015 which is only concerned with experiences, emotions and support for developers to create unique experiences. The two companies associated earlier this year to launch backbone on PC and mobile devices, and Eggnut officially announced that Backbone is released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Game Pass.

The launching trailer of the backbone console, which lasts less than a minute, shows the artistic design, the gameplay and the game options of the game, all on the air of a melodic and sad song.

In Backbone, players embody a raccoon detective, Howard Lotor, who has to solve a unique business. Backbone takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia. The developers have brought various improvements to the game for its console exit, including international locations in all formats and a language change option in the game. Players can use a keyboard shortcut to help switch between two languages While playing backbone.

Backbone is officially part of the STEAM Halloween sale and is currently 25% discount from today until November 1st. The game is also on sale on Gog until November 3rd. The price on Steam is currently $ 18.74. Interested fans can check it here.

In May, it was announced that Backbone was heading to PC via Epic Games Store, Gog and Steam.

Do not forget to consult Cogconnected s video criticism and backbone written criticism!

What do you think of backbone? Have you tried it on PC? Are you enthusiastic about its launch on Console? Will you try it on consoles? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Press release

Call of Duty Vanguard Trailer should injure the story of the shooter

Call of Duty (short COD) is a computer game series of the US Publisher Activision from the genre of the ego shooter. The player usually takes over the role of a soldier in a war scenario. The first title of the series, developed by Infinity Ward, was released in the fall of 2003 and plays in World War II. Later titles are located in contemporary or futuristic, but usually fictitious scenarios. In addition to the mostly linear single player campaign, the various multiplayer options form a main focus of the series. New games are published in an annual rhythm, most recently called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold was (2020).

Reveal Trailer | Call of Duty: Vanguard

The series is one of the largest and most successful game franchises. By November 2009, more than 55 million games were sold, making the series total income of more than $ 3 billion. In 2011, more than 500 developers worked at the Call of Duty brand. In addition to Infinity Ward, the Studios Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games belonging to Activision are responsible for the development of new parts, there are other developer studios of Activision, which supports support for development.

The Story Trailer for Call of Duty: Vanguard has been published by Sledgehammer Games and Activision. The shooter during World War II will appear on 5 November 2021 for PC (, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. Call of Duty: Vanguard includes a single player campaign, the usual multiplayer mode, a zombiem mode and a new Warzone (Battle Royale). In the individual playing campaign one controls four characters of different nations, which founded the detail 1: Private Lucas Riggs, 20th Battalion, 9th Infantry Division of Australia, British Eighth Army. SERGEANT Arthur Kingsley from the 9th paratroop battalion of the British Army. Lieutenant Wade Jackson from the Scouting Squadron Six of United States Navy. Lieutenant Polina Petrova from the 138th rifle protection division of the Red Army. Last updated video: StoryTrailer

Pokimane launches RTS a talent agency in the Esports and Videogames

The Moroccan-Canadian Streamer Pokimane is undoubtedly one of more iconic twitch figures. With his 8.3 million followers on the Amazon platform, she brings down tens of thousands of spectators in each direct she does and not to grow by leaps and bounds for each time he performs an action. Well, it seems that the influencer wants to open its doors to many more people in the sector.

She has already been multiplying projects for several years, but the announcement that she has just made a real turning point in her s career. Pokimane has decided to wear a new hat, that of businesswoman, with the launch of her own talent agency called RTS. The goal of it will be fix what does not work in the panorama of videogames, but also in the world of esports.

Based on the past experiences of it, Pokimane does not want her to relive the problems that she herself has known in different promotions and agencies in which she has been. To support her in this adventure, the Streamer decided to surround himself from Stuart Saw (CEO) and Kim Phan (CCO), who had passed markedly by Blizzard and Endeavor. To support them, you will also have at your disposal an advisory committee with personalities of the size of Kevin Lin, the Twitch co-founder (before

RTS will work with content creators, but also with dominant brands in the world of electronic sports and videogames as Epic Games with Fortnite World Cup or Sony with EVO. All this should allow the creation of several fruitful collaborations over time and that it would be beneficial for both parties. After being successively founding member of offlinetv, winner of the prize Forbes 30 Under 30 and creator of the Scholarship UCI ESPORTS, Pokimane becomes co-founder and creative director of RTS.

I still see incredible content creators who do wonders with their content and their feed, but they do not have enough support to grow their brand and your business. (…) We are building RTS to be able to provide support, lightening the load of work and solve the problem of the creators, developers and brands. My goal is to take advantage of my years of experience and make it accessible to the new designers so that they do not have to go through the process by which I have spent..

Pokimane Announces TWITCH AND ESPORTS Talent Agency?

Original of MGG FR

Call of Duty Vanguard reveals a new campaign trailer

Sledgehammer Games is a subsidiary video game developer to Activision, based in California, in the United States. It was created in 2009 by the Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey veterans, who had previously belonged to the Visceral Games team. Your most important video games are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, co-developed with INFINITY WARD and that went on sale in 2011, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, released in 2014, being completely developed by them. The study was in charge of developing Call of Duty: WWII, game set in the Second World War, returning to the roots of the first deliveries, with a launch date of November 3, 2017. They also collaborated with Infinity Ward in Call of Duty : Modern Warfare (2019).

Before its launch in just over a month, Activision and the developer Sledgehammer Games today released a new Trailer of Call of Duty: Vanguard. Although much of what has been shown VANGUARDIA Up to this point has focused on the multiplayer component of the game, Sledgehammer Games has opted today by highlighting the component for a player. And although this new video does not present essentially no game footage, presents the many characters and narratives that will explore the campaign.

Altogether, this new Call of Duty: Vanguard The trailer reveals that the history of the game will focus on a joint cast. Instead of allowing players to only control a single character in the course of the campaign, the game apparently will allow them to control a pilot, an expert in demolitions and a sniper, to name some of the various characters that were revealed.

As mentioned, while the Call of Duty campaign: Vanguard is the main thing Sledgehammer Games is showing today, it is only a component of the title. As usual, the multiplayer mode will be another great aspect of vanguardia, which is why Activision has already given players the possibility of testing both alpha and beta form in recent months. In addition, Zombies mode will also return to Call of Duty: Vanguard and will be developed by Treyarch. At this time, however, we have not shown us how the zombies will really be seen this time, but we should start learning more in the near future.

If you still did not have the date in a circle on your calendar, Call of Duty: Vanguard is about to launch next month on November 5. The last entry of the series will also reach the PlayStation 5 platforms, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC when you reach the stores.

What do you think of the Call of Duty campaign: Vanguard based on this new trailer? Are you thinking about choosing the game for yourself when it is launch next month? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or contact me on social networks in @ mooreman12.

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